​​2018 Registration is now CLOSED!

​​PLEASE read PRIOR to registering for the 2018 season

Yorba Linda Residency Requirement Information

Yorba Linda Pop Warner accepts registration from players that are both residents of Yorba Linda and non-residents.  However, in order to maintain its group priority status we must comply with stringent minimum residency requirements.  Therefore, registration priority shall be given to residents of Yorba Linda and returning players, followed by non-residents.  Every effort shall be made to accommodate all players, however, placement on a team cannot be guaranteed for non-resident applications.  

Please contact 
president@ylpw.org if you would like to be placed on a non-resident registration list or if you have any questions.  Thank you!

 Play Ball, Inc Non-profit ID 95-3533726 

Yorba Linda Pop Warner 

2018 Registration


Payment Plan Information

First Payment - Date of registration
Second Payment - 04/01
Third Payment - 05/01 
Final Payment - 06/01 

Any Payment Plan initiated after March 31st, your initial payment includes any prior missed payment.
Example:  If you register on April 15th you will be required to pay March and April's payment at that time.  If you register on May 7th you will be required to pay March, April and May's payments at the time you register.  Anyone who registers on or after June 1st will no longer have the payment plan option.

2018 Registration Fees
Tackle Football
Flag Football

*Registration fee does not include cheer uniform

Find more info on cheer costs including information on Travel vs. Seasonal teams at the Cheer tab above.

Other Discounts and fees

2018 League Fundraiser
We will be having a league fundraiser for the 2018 season.  Each participant will have two options for this:
 OPTION 1 - Pay $50 at the time of registration for 5 discount cards and sell them for $10 to recoup the $50

OPTION 2-   Each participant can opt to buyout for $35 and not sell cards
This will be part of the registration process online.  Discount cards will be handed out at team meetings in June.

Sibling Discount

If you have more than one child and you register them at the same time you will be given a $25 discount per child starting with the second child you register.  If you register them at separate times the discount WILL NOT be applied.

Late Registration Fee

If you register on or after June 1st a late fee will be applied in the amount of $50.00.

Team Fees

Team fees are required by each participant in the amount of $100.00.  This fee is due before August 1st and is payable to Play Ball, Inc.  These fees are not payable online.