YLPW is 100% committed to player safety.  All coaches are required to be USA certified before they are allowed to take the field with the players.
Below is a list of certified coaches for the 2016 season. Check back often for an updated list of certified coaches.

Clinic Outline:

    1)  Introduction
        a.  Roles of Player Safety Coach and Clinic goals
        b.  Coaches Certification (See complete list in right column)
    2)  Concussion Recognition and Response 
        a.  Define
        b.  Causes, Signs, and symptoms
        c.  Removal from Play
        d.  Return to Play
    3)  Equipment Fitting 
        a.  Helmet Fitting
        b.  Shoulder Pad Fitting
    4)  Heat Preparedness and Hydration 
        a.  Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps, and Heat Syncope
        b.  Hydration always begins before practice!
        c.  50/50 Rule
    5)  Heads Up Tackling 
        a.  Levels of contact
        b.  Fundamental Drills
            i.  Breakdown
            ii. Buzz
            iii. Hit Position
            iv. Shoot
            v.  RIP
    6)  Referee/ League Officials- these rules will be enforced by
        Referees and supported by League Officials 

    7)  Communication- Ongoing tips and Health Safety topics

Yorba Linda Pop Warner

Player Safety

Welcome to the Yorba Linda Pop Warner Player Safety Page.  Together with the Orange Empire Conference (OEC), we have teamed up with USA Football to help further educate coaches, players, and parents on comprehensive solutions for a better and safer game.

The program offers a comprehensive collection of resources, programs, applications and promotions to create change and address the complex challenges of player health and safety in youth and high school football.  Each organization is required to have a Player Safety Coach (PSC) to oversee and implement the Heads Up Football Program.


The 4 Pillars

HEADS UP FOOTBALL educates coaches, parents, and players on four key elements to enhance player safety:

    1)    Concussion Recognition and Response
    2)    Equipment Fitting
    3)    Heat Preparedness & Hydration
    4)    Heads Up Tackling

The Player Safety Coach will offer the following Clinic for Coaches, Parents, and Players.  Below is a copy of the Clinic Outline that will be used during the presentation

Yorba Linda Pop Warner takes safety very seriously and as a board, we are committed to making sure that our league and community take all the precautions necessary to ensure these rules are enforced and that our coaches, players, and parents are prepared and committed to the Heads Up Football Program.
To see what Professionals are saying and for additional information and videos on the Heads Up Football Program offered by USA Football, please visit or contact our Player Safety Coach, at