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The OEC, Fred Bennett, 2019 Cheer Coach of the Year Award

Holly Lowe !

We are so proud of our cheer program and all of the girls, coaches and student demos who work so hard all season long!
Yorba Linda Cheer Rocks!

 Yorba Linda Pop Warner CHEER

Yorba Linda Jaguars Cheer

2019 JAMZ National Champions!

Pop Warner Cheer & Spirit

Cheerleading was officially recognized in the 1970's, but has been a part of the Pop Warner program for several decades.  The first ever National Cheerleading competition was in DeKalb County, GA.  Today, 120,000 children are participating in cheerleading and dance around the United States.

Participating in Pop Warner Spirit Program provides youth the opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment.  Pop Warner programs emphasize fun for all and encourages the development of qualities important long after Pop Warner days are gone.

The Spirit Program is growing in numbers each year due to the popularity of the sport.  In an effort to keep pace with the many new changes in the cheer & dance industry, there are a few basic rules that are unique to Pop Warner Spirit Squads.  For a complete list of Pop Warner guidelines, please download the Official Pop Warner Rule book and OEC Rule book.

Check out our cheer stats below!

2019 Possible Cheer Divisions

Jr. Varsity - Travel Team

Pee Wee - Travel Team

Mitey Mite

Jr. Mitey Mite

Tiny Mite


Our Awesome Cheer Stats!


    PW Jaguars                                                                 JAMZ National Champions 

    JPW Panthers                                                             JAMZ Nationals - 2nd place


     PW Jaguars                                                               OEC and Regionals - 1st place                                                                                                                 Pop Warner Nationals   - 5th place​                                                                                                          JAMZ Nationals - 2nd place

     JPW Panthers                                                          OEC  and Regionals - 2nd place                                                                                                               Pop Warner Nationals - 4th place                                                                                                 2017

     Varsity Patriots                                                         OEC and Regional - 1st Place                                                                                                                   Pop Warner Nationals - 5th Place
     JPW Jaguars                                                               OEC and Regional - 1st Place           
                                                                                                         Pop Warner Nationals - 2nd Place

     JPW Panthers                                                            OEC Cheer Competition - 1st Place


      Jr. Varsity Patriots                                                    OEC Cheer Competition - 1st Place
      JPW Jaguars                                                               OEC Cheer Competition - 1st Place
      Pee Wee Cougars                                                     JAMZ National Champions


      Pee Wee Cougars                                                      Pop Warner National - 2nd Place
      Midget Giants                                                            Pop Warner National - 3rd Place
      Jr. Midget Chargers                                                   JAMZ National Champions