The Challenger program is a non-competitive program and no score is kept.  The games are modeled after typical Pop Warner game with the warm-ups, coin toss, etc. Participation in the Challenger Division is permitted at the request of the individual's parent or guardian.

Challenger Football & Cheer Proposed Rules
    •  Challenger Division follows Pop Warner Flag rules with the modifications as noted below.
    •  All children with physical or emotional disabilities, which include wheelchair participants are welcome.
    •  Teams must roster a minimum of 10 players, yet no more than 28 players. 
    •  Games are played with a minimum of five players on each side.  This can increase as participant numbers increase.
    •  Teams will play one game per week.
    •  All players will receive an equal amount of playing time.
    •  Pop Warner recommends team helpers to be a minimum of 13 years of age to assist participants.
    •  Fields will be the standard flag field (set up of 80 yards).
    •  Each association will provide it's participants with team jerseys, cheer uniforms, and flags.
    •  One coach will be permitted on the field of play at all times.
    •  Teams play four, 15 minute, running clock, quarters.

For questions regarding the rules noted here or anything not mentioned, please contact: Holly Lowe at

Yorba Linda Challenger Program
 In 2011 Yorba Linda Pop Warner launched its Challenger program under the direction of Leann Ochoa.  Inspite of it being our 1st season, the 2011 Colts were very successful.  We look forward to watching the program expand and our participation grow in the years to come

Yorba Linda Pop Warner CHALLENGER